Capri Macaw, *Flame*
Red Dominant Capri Macaw, Flame

4 month old Capri Macaw, "Flame" on 8/02/06

4 month old, Flame

Just Look at the BEAUTIFUL back!

4 month old red Capri Macaw, Flame

Red Dominant hybrid Capri Macaw, Flame

This is 4 month old Capri Macaw, Flame, hatched 3/30/06
to parents Camelot Macaw, Topaz, and Scarlet Macaw, Andy,
This is the pair's first predominantly red factor, and female, offspring.
Flame has yellow & orange tipped crown feathers, a lime green nape, and
upper wing coverts that are red lacing yellow, orange-yellow & yellow-lime.
Besides being just totally adorable, Capri Macaw, Flame, is a breathtaking
visual feast, with glorious painted art palette colors in brilliant primary hues.
Flame is predominantly bright lipstick red like a Scarlet Macaw.

All of the photos above were taken on 8/02/06 inside with a flash.

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